Andrea Brett

Andrea Brett is a singer, songwriter, arranger and co-producer of The Bretts Show in Branson, MO. Born into a musical family, Andrea began performing with her own brothers and sisters at a very early age.  Her parents always encouraged her in the development of her talents and supported her in her musical studies throughout her growing-up years.

She studied piano, voice, choral conducting, and music composition at Brigham Young University. In 1980, she married Tom Brett and the two of them moved to Kansas City, Missouri, where Tom attended Cleveland Chiropractic College and their daughter, Briahna, and son, Brydon, were born. Though her focus was now primarily on her family and motherhood, she continued to write and arrange music and sing with Tom.

After Tom’s graduation, the family moved to the Dallas, Texas, area where their son Garon was born.  Tom and Andrea performed together frequently, and as the children grew, they began to join them on stage.  Andrea homeschooled the children and music was always a very important part of the curriculum. Even as a busy mom, she continued to follow her passion for music.  She conducted multiple church choirs and her reputation as a composer and vocal arranger grew. 
By the time The Bretts were ready to take their act to Branson, they had already recorded two albums, with Andrea as the vocal arranger on both projects.  After arriving in Branson, and with the ability to devote more time to her musical pursuits, Andrea accelerated her development as a singer/songwriter, entertainer, and arranger. Her talents also expanded to include costume design, video, lighting and all aspects of show production.

Andrea has become widely known for her original patriotic poem entitled “I Am a Veteran.” This poem has touched millions, and is routinely recited at veterans' gatherings all around the United States. Her song “It’s Hard to Let You Go” was named Branson’s Original Song of the Year in 2010.  She garnered this honor again in 2012 with the song “I Will Stand,” and also in 2013 with the song “Be the One,” which she co-wrote with son, Garon. Andrea’s vocal arrangements contribute greatly to the Bretts' signature vocal sound, and her musicality and creativity are woven throughout The Bretts entire stage show.

Andrea’s rich alto voice is often compared to that of Karen Carpenter, Anne Murray, and Linda Ronstadt, and her warmth and grace add class and elegance to every stage performance.