Briahna Brett Perkins

Briahna Brett Perkins is a singer, pianist, choreographer, dancer, and co-producer of The Bretts Show in Branson, MO.

Briahna grew up in the Dallas, TX area. At an early age, Briahna began dance training in ballet, modern, jazz, tap, and hip-hop. She also began her piano training at a young age under the tutelage of her mother Andrea and later studied at The Suzuki Institute of Dallas under Lorraine Landefeld.  A gifted pianist, she began accompanying the church choir and congregation every week at age twelve.

Throughout her youth and teenage years, Briahna maintained a rigorous routine, arising daily at 4:30 a.m. to practice the piano. From there, it was off to early morning religious lessons with her classmates, home to focus on her home school studies, then off to dance or piano lessons, or musical or choir rehearsals. By age sixteen, Briahna had competed in multiple piano and dance competitions, performed in musicals such as “The Sound of Music” and “Oklahoma!” and had a year of college under her belt. She continued her education, studying at the Brigham Young University Music Dance Theatre department in between performing seasons in Branson.

After years of training and preparation, Briahna is a veteran of the arts. Her vocal style is often compared to Kristin Chenowith, Martina McBride, the young Judy Garland, and even Carrie Underwood. In her Branson performances, she sings, dances and plays classical piano. She also co-choreographs The Bretts Show and other shows in Branson, assists in the creation, production and costume design of The Bretts Show, teaches dance, piano and voice both privately and at local studios, has been contracted with a modeling agency, and still finds time to play piano and organ in church.

In 2011 Briahna was voted Female Vocalist of the Year*, and in 2010 was voted Female Entertainer of the Year* and Best Female Song Vocal* for “Over the Rainbow.” She has also been nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year (2009 & 2010),* Female Youth Performer (2004),** and Best Young Entertainer (2003).** Her Broadway album, “A Change in Me,” is a best-seller at every show.

Briahna holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Dance Theatre from Brigham Young University. She loves being a wife, mother and homemaker to her husband, Merrill Perkins, and their sons, Ivan, August and Wade.

**Branson Oz Awards