Bretts Announce Exciting Changes in 2017


The Bretts to Make Exciting Changes in 2017

Top Branson show to innovate, sharpen focus, re-invent in 2017

December 15, 2016 Branson, MO—After 18 seasons as Branson’s most popular morning show and one of the city’s top-rated shows overall, The Bretts are ready to innovate, sharpen focus and capitalize on some great opportunities in 2017. They are looking forward to positioning themselves even more effectively to help lead Branson entertainment and tourism into the future for many years to come.

“We are excited about the future of entertainment in Branson and about the strength of The Bretts brand in general. We feel like our brand has the capacity to develop an even greater national and international presence,” says Tom Brett, the father of the family. “As we look at where we feel we can have the most impact on a large scale as a family, we feel very passionate about Christmas. Nothing says family like Christmas and we are making plans to invest in our Christmas show and related offerings in hopes that we’ll be able to reach more people throughout the world with our message of family and love. We want The Bretts brand to be synonymous with Christmas here in Branson and on the world stage.”

The Bretts are also investing in the future of Branson through their two sons’ (Brydon and Garon) new band, Prince Ivan.  “We have been entertaining as a family here in Branson since 1999, and in that time, we’ve watched our children grow into seasoned performers, songwriters, arrangers, musicians, and producers.  As their talents have grown, so have their aspirations to make their own mark in the entertainment industry.  Prince Ivan has a message and music that is meant to reach the whole world,” says Tom. “It is modern and progressive and has the ability to influence millions of people for good. As a family, we are totally behind that. As Prince Ivan expands, it becomes necessary for our family to restructure a bit, and make a schedule change that will allow for that.”

This change in schedule will also allow for more creative time and space to focus on other projects that have been developing momentum for The Bretts. “One of the many projects and opportunities we’ll be pursuing in 2017 is our work with veterans,” says Andrea Brett, the mother of the family. “Over our years here in Branson, we’ve developed a strong relationship with veterans and we want to focus on that even more.” One outgrowth of this focus will be extensions to Andrea’s “I Am a Veteran” project, including a coffee table collector’s book featuring her now famous poem.

As a result of these new areas of focus, The Bretts Show will be shifting its Branson performance schedule to September-December in 2017. Prince Ivan will perform in Branson and tour during the 2017 Spring and Summer months. “It’s important to us that Branson knows that we are investing in its future and, while this is a departure from our typical schedule, we feel like it will allow us to use our talents and resources most optimally to add value to this unique and versatile city that has been so good to us,” says Tom. “It will be The Bretts building up the Fall and Christmas seasons and Prince Ivan building up the Spring and Summer. We think it will be a very effective one-two punch for Branson.”

As always, The Bretts’ battle cry will be excellence and innovation. “It’s impossible for us to be stagnant,” says oldest son, Brydon. “For years we’ve been pushing the envelope for entertainment here in Branson and these changes will allow us to do that even more for both The Bretts and Prince Ivan. We plan on taking everything we’re doing to the next level.”

While Prince Ivan’s 2017 calendar is not yet ready for release, you can find The Bretts’ updated 2017 calendar along with more information about their exciting new Christmas Show at Also, follow The Bretts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay apprised of new developments.


About The Bretts
The Bretts Show at Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater is not your average family variety show. With a dizzying array of awards and accomplishments over their 18-year Branson career, this dynamic family produces a power-packed, two-hour entertainment experience that combines the best in music, lighting, video, dance, comedy and genuine artistry. The Bretts Show mixes timeless classics, current chart-topping hits and award-winning original music, all presented with The Bretts’ signature polish and professionalism. In November, Christmas takes center stage as The Bretts deliver one of the country’s most beloved Christmas shows, capturing the fun, the nostalgia, the power and the message of the season.


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