What Love Does One Year Later

What Love Does One Year Later

by Andrea C. Brett

Last year in February, I posted a blog called “What Love Does – Valentine’s Day Musings About Love.”  It explored the idea that love is not a noun, or an “is” – but that love is really a verb, or a “does.”   I wrote a list of a few of the simple and wonderful things that love has done in my life.  After the blog was posted, I continued to ponder on the idea, and over time, the thoughts in my head (like my thoughts often do) began to take the shape of a song. Continue reading...

What Love Does - Valentine's Day Musings About Love from Andrea

By Andrea C. Brett

So, Valentine’s Day is in two days.  Whenever Valentine’s Day rolls around, I start thinking about what love is.  Strangely enough, and as cliché as it may seem, the month of February really does make me ponder on the subject of love and its many meanings.  This year, for some reason, though, I haven’t been thinking nearly as much about what love is.  I’ve been thinking much more about what love does.  You know, love as a verb.  In my experience, I have been a personal witness to, and grateful recipient of many wonderful things that love does.  Things like this: