What Love Does - Valentine's Day Musings About Love from Andrea

By Andrea C. Brett

So, Valentine’s Day is in two days.  Whenever Valentine’s Day rolls around, I start thinking about what love is.  Strangely enough, and as cliché as it may seem, the month of February really does make me ponder on the subject of love and its many meanings.  This year, for some reason, though, I haven’t been thinking nearly as much about what love is.  I’ve been thinking much more about what love does.  You know, love as a verb.  In my experience, I have been a personal witness to, and grateful recipient of many wonderful things that love does.  Things like this:

Love goes to basketball games and soccer games and t-ball games – hundreds of them.

Love paces the hallway and watches out the window after midnight.

Love stays up late to check homework and wakes up early to pack lunches.

Love ties shoes.  Then double ties shoes.

Love wipes away crocodile tears and applies big brown bandages.

Love keeps late night vigil in hospital rooms and by sick beds.

Love drives thousands of miles to just “happen to be in town.”

Love takes even old cars through the car wash for a wash and wax.

Love changes light bulbs.

Love makes favorite desserts for special occasions.

Love makes favorite desserts for no occasion at all.

Love watches HGTV instead of ESPN.

Love gets out of bed to go to church.

Love takes late night phone calls and makes late night phone calls.

Love works 3 jobs to make ends meet.

Love gives away the last piece of chocolate.

Love mows lawns and shovels snow.

Love writes thank you notes.

Love does things to deserve thank you notes that are never written.

Love survives a kitchen remodel.

Love takes daily walks to the cemetery.

Love speaks when it should and remains quiet when it should.

Love makes eye contact.

Love scolds when necessary, then holds when necessary has had enough. 

Love kneels in prayer when it can’t solve the problem on its own.

Love wipes away tears and sheds tear and knows when to do both.

Love pleads and consoles.

Love encourages and cheers.

Love sits quietly and listens.

Love puts away the cell phone.

Love speaks in gentle tones.

Love makes sacrifices of all sizes.

Love hangs in there.

Love tries so hard, but makes so many mistakes.

Love forgives.

Love spends time.

Love just shows up.

Love hurts.  Love aches. Love weeps.

Love laughs. Love smiles.  Love rejoices.

Love makes life worth living.

That’s just a few of the many things I’ve seen love do.  I love love!  Love really is the greatest of all because love does the greatest of all things.  Love does the little things, and the big things – the things that really matter. 

It is my goal and desire to always do what love does. 

What have you seen love do?  What have you done with love?  I’d love to hear from you.

Please share. 

Have a very Happy Valentine’s Day!