The Bretts


The Bretts are a family of dreamers. The dream started for them over thirty years ago when Tom and Andrea (the mom and dad) sang their first duet together at a church dance in Spokane, WA. They both say it was one of those magical moments when time stands still and everyone else in the room fades away. “At that moment we knew we’d be married and that we’d be singing together for a long time,” says Tom. Originally Tom and Andrea had the dream of being the next Richard and Karen Carpenter, but seeing family members and friends struggle to make it in the music industry, they decided to do something more practical and eventually moved to Dallas, TX, where Tom established himself as a successful chiropractor.

The family always sang together while growing up in Texas. Tom and Andrea performed at churches and country clubs and other local gigs very frequently. As the kids got older and developed their musical abilities, they joined in as well. Briahna started singing with Tom and Andrea first, then Brydon came along, and finally, Garon. “Garon was the hardest one to get on stage,” says Brydon. “We had to bribe him sometimes. But once he really tried it, he was a natural.” In time, the Brett family had themselves a regular singing group. That’s how things went for a long time – just singing around Dallas for fun with no intention of doing anything professional or on a larger scale. But a turning point happened for the family in 1996. Tom injured his neck so severely that he couldn’t practice chiropractic anymore. In the summer of 1997, the Bretts went to Branson, MO for a family reunion, and since Tom’s neck still couldn’t handle the bumper boats, go-karts and lake activities, he went to see shows. He fell in love with Branson. The musical dream came alive in him again, and on the drive back to Texas, he told his family that someday they were going to have their own show in Branson. “We laughed at him,” says Briahna. “But the thing about dad is—his dreams always come true.”

The next year the Bretts found themselves in front of producers at an audition for Silver Dollar City. “We came up for the audition thinking we might do a week-long festival here or there, and say we’d ‘played Branson,’” says Andrea. “But right there, on the spot, they offered us a year-long contract to perform on The Showboat Branson Belle. So we took it.” The Bretts moved all of their belongings to Branson and had a great year on the Showboat. “Honestly, we were pretty green,” says Garon, “but we learned a lot of things that year that have prepared us for everything we’ve done since.” After that first year, the family moved back to Texas, thinking that their professional music career was over. But a few short weeks later they received a phone call to do their own show on the Branson strip and have been lighting up Branson stages ever since. “We never planned on all of this, but along the way we’ve had some pretty amazing opportunities,” says Tom. “We’ve toured all over the world. We’ve been on worldwide television. We’ve performed with the world-famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir three times, and had so many other amazing opportunities. We’ve really been living the dream, when you think about it.” All of The Bretts would attest that the journey has not been easy, but it has been worth it. “When you try to do anything worthwhile, it’s going to be hard,” says Brydon. “But it’s the hard that has made it good. And we can honestly say that dreams still do come true.”

Now The Bretts are in their twentieth Branson season and their dreams have carried them across the globe to share their unique brand of family entertainment. They currently Christmas shows in Branson Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater, and tour in locations all around the world every year. But their dreams have not stopped. In fact, they just keep getting bigger. “Lately we’ve been filled with new vision and purpose for why we’re doing this show business thing and we're very excited for the future,” says Brydon. “We felt led to do it in the first place and now we feel led to keep on going and help lead Branson into the future. We’ve been to a lot of other places, but for us, there’s no better place to be singing together than in Branson. Branson is a place where God, family, and country are still cool. We love it here.” The Bretts have announced plans to take their signature Christmas Show  to new levels and have plans to produce and promote the best in family entertainment for many years to come. “Music has always kept our family together,” says Tom. “We want to share our gift of music with as many families as we can to help them stay together too.”

So come on out and see The Bretts at Christmastime, on tour, or connect with them online. For them, it’d be another dream come true.

The Bretts Career Highlights

  • 4000+ live performances around the globe
  • Seen by millions on worldwide television
  • Voted top 5 Branson show four years running, 2013-2016 (417 Magazine)
  • Voted best Christmas show by
  • 7x Morning Show of the Year (;; Brammy Awards; Branson Terry Music Awards)
  • Best Patriotic Tribute (
  • Best Family Show (
  • Broadcast 8 consecutive years on BYUTV, KBYU, and other PBS affiliates
  • 3-time guest artists with the world-famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir
  • 3-time guest artists with the world's premier barbershop chorus, The Vocal Majority
  • 2-time guest artists on Tony Orlando's Yellow Ribbon Salute to Veterans